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About Heifei

Hefei – formerly known as Ho-fei, Luzhou or Luchow – is the capital and largest city of Anhui Province in Eastern China. It is the political, economic and cultural centre of Anhui. In the 1930s, Hefei was a quiet market town of only 30,000. Its population grew more than tenfold in the following 20 years, which was strengthened by the transfer of the provincial government from Anqing in 1949. However, much of its new growth derived from its development as an industrial city; it became the seat of an industry producing industrial chemicals and chemical fertilizers. In addition to machine-tool works and engineering and agricultural machinery factories, Hefei has developed an aluminium and light industry. Hefei has been identified as the world’s number one fastest growing metropolitan economy by The Economist in December 2012. Moreover, there are several universities based in the city and the city plays an important role in scientific research. It has seven national laboratories, second only to Beijing. The lake 15 km southeast of the city – Chao Lake – is one of the largest fresh water lakes nationally. Air quality usually diminishes in May and June, when the city is blanketed by smog caused by the smoke generated from farmers that burn their fields in preparation of planting the next crop. 

Hefei features a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons; winters are damp and cold with January lows dipping below freezing. The city sees irregular and rarely significant snowfalls. Springs are generally pleasant. Summers are oppressively hot and humid. Autumn sees a gradual cooling and drying. Extreme temperatures have ranged from -20.6 to 41C. 

Interesting facts

  • In 2005, the municipal government beautified the city by demolishing thousands of illegally built structures (e.g. clearing away marketplaces). The impact on the local economy was severe.
  • The international destinations of Hefei Luogang International Airport include no non-Asian destinations (it does include Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Seoul, Jeju, Singapore, Osaka and Bangkok).
  • Hefei currently has no subway line. 

Top three activities

  • Go see Huiyuan Garden
  • Visit the Mount Dashu Forests Park around 10 kilometers far from the downtown of Hefei city
  • Visit the historical landscapes around Chaohu Lake, which is the fifth largest freshwater lake in China.

Facts about Hefei

Population      7,500,000
Size (km²)11,323
Life expectancy79 years
GDP per capita$4,923

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