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About Hsinchu

Hsinchu City is located in northern Taiwan, bordered by the Taiwan Strait (the 180 km wide strait which is separating the island Taiwan from mainland China) in the west. Hsinchu is one of the three cities, which are administrated as provincial city within Taiwan. In contrast to the 5 biggest cities which are governed as special municipality and the smaller cities which are county-controlled cities. In 1626, after Spain occupied northern Tiawan, Spanish missionaries arrived at Tek-khàm, where the Taiwanese aborigines lived. During the nineteenth century, it was renamed Hsinchu. Under Japanese rule (1920) the Hsinchu Street District was founded, 10 years later was renamed as Hsinchu City.

As a result of the Hsinchu Sience and Technology Industrial Park the city has the highest income level in Taiwan. The park is created to attract high tech investment to Taiwan and to make the area the economic center of the information industry. Therefore the park is designed for high quality R&D, production, work, life and also recreation. Currently leading tech companies like TSMC, Philips, United Microelectronics Corporation, AU Optronics are located in the Hsinchu Sience and Technology Industrial Park. Currently the Hsinchu Sience and Technology Industrial Park is shifting from semi-conductor business to global manufacturing and R&D of high-end products.

Hsinchu has a subtropical climate with monthly mean temperatures in the range of 15.3 (January) to 28.7 °C (July) and relative humidity between 75 and 83%. Hsinchu has a rainy season that lasts form February to September, with the heaviest time coming late April through August during the southwest monsoon. With an average temperature of 21 °C in the last three months of the year, it is one of the coldest cities in Taiwan.

Interesting facts

  • A popular nickname of Hsinchu is ‘The Windy City’, because of it windy climate.
  • With a history of almost 400 year, Hsinchu is the oldest city in northern Taiwan (older than e.g. Taipei City).
  • Hsinchu gained recognition as a center of excellence for decorative glass products.

Interesting activities

  • Visit the beautiful mountain areas of Hsinchu County.
  • The Little Ding-Dong Science Park, is the only outdoor science theme park in Taiwan.
  • Hsinchu Botanical Garden, a great hiking trail which provide you the opportunity to become acquainted with more than 300 varieties of Taiwan’s indigenous flora.

Facts about Hsinchu

Population      415,500
Size (km²)104

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