Wedding Soup
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Wedding Soup

Brigitte Borm, one of the participants of the Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School has not only attended the regular programme, but also made a journalistic coverage video on Sharkfin Soup (also called ‘Wedding Soup’).   Her project really adds a new and special dimension to her experience in Hong Kong. Check out her testimonial and the video at Brigitte Borm.

When I saw this program coming by, I decided it was something I should give a try. My own specialization is in Anthropology. Now a lot of people always connect Anthropology to culture. Myself I am always a bit hesitant in using this term, maybe even unwilling. This is because whenever people use the term culture, it is somehow always followed by the term difference. This is a tendency I also noticed during my stay in Hong Kong and Shanghai where terms like cultural understanding or cultural competence are focused on differences. For me however, anthropology is not about difference, it is about trying to understand how people give meaning to their lives and the things they do. Being there, talking to people and staying for a while (just as participant observation describes) is the best way I have found up until now to reach this understanding. Not of difference, but of similarity in humaneness.

Now five weeks is a short time to do fieldwork. It is more an experience. In this five weeks however I got to know people, complexities and places I knew beforehand I wanted to share. To do so there are different means; you can wright a text like a testimonial or blog. But what I currently believe to be the best medium to share an understanding is image and film. Through this medium I hope to give people an inside-look on what I have experienced and learned while being there.