Why Asia
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Why Asia?

Asia is booming. The economic power in the world is shifting. As Europe and the US are struggling with a financial crisis, Asia’s upcoming economies are still growing. However, the rise of the Asian continent is not just an economic one. To understand today’s developments one has to be aware of Asia’s long history; the past is more alive in Asia than it is in the Netherlands. Europeans expect Asians to know about Europe, but in return there aren’t so many Europeans that can name more than ten Chinese cities. To be taken seriously, one needs to have basic knowledge of Asia’s past.

However, by simply following Asia’s development, one will never fully grasp the enormous changes that are currently taking place. You can be part of that; all it takes is going there!

StudentOrient was initiated because many private and public partners agree on the fact that today’s labor force needs to have experience with and in Asia. This websites bundles options and opportunities for students; one can find information on exchanges, entire study programs, internships, summer schools and language courses. And, since we feel that no one can prepare you as well as someone that has done the same program or has lived in the same city as you are planning to, we have created a platform where they share their first-hand experiences with you.

Just look around and expand your mind, brighten your future!